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3-BOOKLET KIT: "Toward a Home of One' Own. A Workshop for Families on the Journey", "Early Examples of Home Ownership" and "A Report on Legal and Financial Planning Issues in the 'Home of Your Own' Project"


This 3-booklet kit includes a manual for a workshop that was developed by people with disability, parents and members of the 'National Home of Your Own Alliance', designed to assist parents, siblings and people with disability through the process of moving out into the world to develop an independent support network. The report "Early Examples of Home Ownership" compiles data collected from 1994 to 1996 on early home ownership initiatives across the United States, and discusses creative strategies and the outcomes. The "Report on Legal and Financial Planning..." addresses not only pitfalls that policymakers, service providers and disability and their families may encounter, but also trust and guardianship issues.

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udlim, C.D. - Klein, J., Nelson, D. & Duncan, R. - McIntosh, J.D.
National Home of Your Own Alliance, Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire
Publication Date
17 May 2005
Accommodation, Individualisation, Legal, Transition
United States

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