Family Advocacy's Response to the National Disability Advocacy Program Review

Posted 20 June 2016

Family Advocacy's Response to the National Disability Advocacy Program Review

The current models of advocacy funded by the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) include family advocacy with good reason. Family advocacy is a model that empowers family members to be advocates for their family member, promotes and protects the rights, interests and needs of the person with disability, and encourages lives full of potential. However, currently Family Advocacy support is only widely available in NSW. We would love to see our model and organisation improving the lives of people with disability across Australia.

The focus of our submission is on the impact of the NDAP on people with disability and their families’ capacity to advocate on
their behalf.

For the past 25 years, Family Advocacy has made it our priority to share stories, resources and support for families to advocate for their children, and also to make the
inclusive journey easier for families by making change systemically. 

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