Calling on the NSW government to go one step further on advocacy funding

Posted by Media and Digital Communications, 6 April 2018

Family Advocacy applauds the NSW government’s announcement to extend funding for advocacy groups until 2020.


“For many weeks we have been saying that the government is not listening to people with disability who depend on advocates to provide critical advice and support.  For now, it seems that the government is hearing us,” Family Advocacy Executive Officer, Cecile Sullivan-Elder said.

The government was scheduled to cut funding for advocacy groups at the end of June 2018 as part of its move to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  According to Sullivan-Elder, "At best, this was a misguided decision by the Premier as it placed hundreds of people with disability and their families in a position of tremendous uncertainty."

Family Advocacy is part of the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance, a collective of organisations who have been applying pressure on the government to reverse its advocacy funding-cut policy.  

Sullivan-Elder continued, "We join with the Advocacy Alliance in welcoming the Premier's announcement.  However, we are calling on the government to go one step further and commit to making its funding of advocacy groups permanent policy."

"People with disability in NSW rely on advocates to help them attain the same rights and opportunities afforded to most Australians.  It seems futile to place these members of the community in jeopardy again 24 months from now."

"A commitment to permanently funding advocacy groups will reassure people with disability that the government has genuinely understood their concerns and is firmly on their side,"  Sullivan-Elder said.

Family Advocacy is an independent and impartial advocacy organisation that works with families across NSW to promote and defend the rights and interest of people who have developmental disability.


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