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  • Crossing the river: Creating a conceptual revolution in community and disability

    It has only recently been discovered that the conceptual revolution that moved people from terrible institutions to community based settings is also flawed (although there is absolutely no doubt that it represented a tremendous improvement in the lives of people with disabilities).

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  • Greater Expectations: A Source Book for Women's Groups

    This book is designed for workers with young women and women's groups, who are concerned about raising the status of women; and for those working with men and boys to increase their awareness about women's role in society.

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  • Far Far Greater Things

    This book is a companion to Greater Expectations (File No. 3096) and includes many new approaches and covers new subject matter not included in the previous book. The book is designed to provide support for workers attempting to bring about positive changes (not just equal opportunity or affirmative action, but...

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  • Brother & Sisters: A Special Part of Exceptional Families

    Rich with personal testimonies, this book shares the joys and sorrows so familiar to families in which there is a person with a disability. Brothers and sisters speak openly about the challenges they encounter in day-to-day living with their brother or sister and discuss how such interactions affect them not...

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  • Brothers, Sisters and Special Needs

    This is a book for parents and professionals concerned with how they can help a child's understanding of disability of chronic illness develop in a healthy direction during formative school years. There is an explicit curriculum and activity guide which sets up a series of workshops to help siblings get...

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  • Women and Disability: The experience of physical disability among women

    This book describes the experience of physical disability through detailed interviews with women of different ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, and explores the impact of gender on the process of being or becoming disabled. It considers the significance of physical disability for a woman's self-image and its impact on her...

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  • Listen to me

    A really positive article written by a young woman through the eyes of her brother about who he is. It is powerful because it does not cast his differences in a negative light , but rather acknowledges them as just part of who he is.

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  • Health care issues in residential services for older persons with developmental disabilities

    The author's examination of health related data reveals significant numbers of older people with developmental disabilities who, despite having minimal health problems, have been admitted to nursing homes usually because of a lack of alternative community living options.

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  • Temple Grandin reflects on the value of autism

    The author provides a personal snapshot of living with autism. She decides the attitudes of a society that highlights the deficits and ignores the attributes of individuals with autism and is alarmed by the oft stated desire to eradicate autism, because such a desire ignores the inherent value of people...

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  • Building communities where everyone belongs

    As part of the Right Future Project (see File No.'s 10522 & 10523 ), a deinstitutionalisation project in Canada, the Newfoundland Association for Community Living has begun to develop community support teams in an effort to make sure that people are truly welcomed and accepted and not just 'dumped' in...

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