Towards a Better Life

8 September 2015 - 9 September 2015
08:30 am - 05:00 pm
The event will inspire participants to imagine the good life and consider how we may support people who have been denied so many beneficial features of a good life to have better lives and greater involvement in their communities.

An Introduction to Social Role Valorisation theory and the possibilities it creates

This event will create a deeper awareness of the circumstances and issues faced by those marginalised by society and consider how to address them. You will be introduced to ideas and resources from SRV. It will cover the way we, as individuals or as part of a service, can respond, focusing on elements that can either help or hinder people having good lives. The wvent gives you the prerequisite introductory knowledge for attending PASSING. 

Cost: $300 Standard, $180 Sponsored, $100 Student, $80 Concession

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