Model Coherency as the Key to Human Service Quality - An Introductory Exploration (Online)

12 July 2022
09:00 am - 11:30 am
Online via Zoom
This Zoom presentation aims to introduce you to Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger's newly published books: Model Coherency – The Key to Human Service Quality Vol 1,2 & 3 and stimulate renewed interest in the study of model coherency and application.

In his books on Model Coherency as the Key to Human Service Quality, Dr. Wolfensberger offers advanced insights into model coherency, with much new material on the fundamental importance of assumptions, the culturally valued analogue, the interconnection between model coherency and Social  Role Valorization (SRV), including PASSING and PASS, the construct of need, and the distinction between service content and service process.

While this brief event cannot thoroughly explore these areas, we hope it will encourage your further study of Dr. Wolfersberger writings about them.

Presentation topics will include the history of the model coherency construct, an overview of the four major elements of any human service model, exploration of the six major “tool subjects” of model coherency, and the suggested frameworks for service evaluation and service design.

The presentation will conclude with suggestions of potential ways to more fully bring model coherency into ongoing efforts to teach and implement SRV.

About the presenters:

The workshop will be presented by Tom Doody and Joe Osburn. Both are long term associates of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, members of the North American SRV Training, Development, and Safeguarding Council, and have extensive experience in service evaluation and planning. Both have decades of experience with the development of the Model Coherency construct and its application.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the delivery of services to vulnerable people, or interested in understanding what constitutes a model-coherent approach if a person's needs are going to be adequately met.

Relevant to people with disability, their family members, SRV teachers, PASSING team leaders, executive directors, managers, board members and direct support staff in services to vulnerable people.


Participants need to have attended a 2-Day SRV workshop or more advanced SRV training.


This workshop is free, but registrations are essential.

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