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  • Family involvement in meetings, planning and decision making

    Family involvement in planning and decision making is important because families know their child best. Family input is instrumental in making sure that the student receives appropriate support, and that necessary changes are made so they can be fully included in the classroom.

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  • Smooth transitions - in primary and high school

    Once your child is € enrolled, the transition process will begin. Careful planning and thinking will help to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

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  • Using funding supports effectively

    It is important for families to be involved in considerations about support and, where necessary, the process of applying for funding support and using it effectively

    You know your family member best and will be able to provide valuable insights that will make it more likely that your child will receive...

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  • Vulnerability in Adult Home Sharing Situations for Persons with Disabilities

    This paper central purpose is to highlight some of the more likely vulnerabilities that may be present for the people who find themselves resident in supported adult home sharing living situations.

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  • Examples of supported living

    Examples of Supported Living
    Most good examples of supported living in Australia have been the result of people getting started, with or without funding, on what they want.

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  • What supports and housing are available

    Options for housing in NSW

    Community Housing
    Community housing in NSW has grown from around 13 000 dwellings in 2006 to 27 000 in 2013. It is affordable housing that is subsidised by a housing association, and/ or government.

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  • Supported Living The Changing Paradigm

    In the UK, USA and many parts of Europe, more and more people with learning disabilities are having more say in their lives.

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  • Examples of Personal Portfolios

    When a student with a disability arrives in the classroom most teachers are armed only with the scant knowledge and reports held in official documents. But what do they or the other students actually know about who the person is beyond their disability.

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  • Alternative teaching methods

    This article provides a comparison between traditional and inclusive methods of teaching as well as an overview of what the research says on the subject. It also has a handy inclusion checklist.

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  • Lets get practical - How does inclusion look in the regular class

    There are a range of changes that can be made to the curriculum, assessments, teaching styles and setup of the classroom so that students with disability are able to access and participate in learning according to their individual needs.

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