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  • IQ Testing: A critique for parents of children with developmental disabilities

    Bruce Uditsky has completed a three-part analysis of the effects of IQ testing on children and families. Bruce is the CEO of the Alberta Association for Community Living and presents a perspective many will find of interest.

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  • Night Life: Ten Years of Light in the Dark

    This book traces the evolution of the Mobile Attendant Care Service (MACS), a small service established in 1992 to provide personal care assistance to people with disability during night time hours. The service is centred on the individual with disability and aims to provide individuals with the freedom to live...

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  • Elvis Has Left the Building

    Glen Clifton-Sheppard found his voice at sixteen and a half, when a facilitated communication board allowed him to overcome the challenges of Downs Syndrome and autism and finally communicate. This book is an anthology of Glen's poetry, in which he movingly reflects on themes such as love, hope, fear and...

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  • Creating Positive Environments for Inclusion in Early Childhood Services and Primary Schools

    This easy to read kit is an effective resource for parents and teachers exploring inclusive education. The first section provides a timeline of inclusive education in Australia and explores key indicators of an inclusive educational environment.

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  • Like a Family: Telling the Stories

    This book reflects the journey of Northern Beaches Interchange from its inception until the present. Family stories and recollections intersperse the documents that chronicle the evolution of the program. It is at times extremely moving by its very personal nature and at other times inspirational, telling of what can be...

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  • A Book About Rhys

    This booklet was compiled to break down barriers during Rhys Walden's transition to school. The many photographs illustrate the book's simple message: that Rhys is a happy five year old, adored by family and friends and a part of his community.

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  • Strategies for curricular inclusion

    The inclusion now of students in the lowest 20% has just made clear what the reality has been for a century – teachers have to teach to diversity. While teachers can and do much in the classroom tomake this happen as outlined below, a great deal of the load can be...

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  • Inclusion: A Road Worth Taking

    In this article Jeff and Cindy Struly look back over the last 23 years of working towards the full inclusion of their children Alex and Shawntell. They speak of the lessons they have learned along the way, of what was possible and of what the most important issues were as...

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    Learn about inclusive education, hear from a parent whose child is learning in the regular class and see how inclusion can work at schools.

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  • A Principal's Perspective: Inclusive Education

    "What society calls a 'disability' often simply represents differences - sometimes extreme differences - in learning styles. We know that everyone has different ways of learning, and the belief that every child is a lifelong learner permeated the culture at our school." This is just one of many insightful comments...

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