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  • Advocacy - Tools and Tips

    This Advocacy booklet provides tools and tips to assist in preparing for life transitions around a person with disability; querying policy positions; engaging with community organisations, government organization, services – even with family and friends – can all require advocacy.

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  • Our Submssions

    2019Submission to the NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into the provisions of the Ageing and Disability Commissioner Bill 2019
    Submission to the New South Wales Government on Restrictive Practices Authorisation (RPA) in New South Wales
    2018Submission to the New South Wales Government’s Education Standards Authority (NESA) NSW Curriculum Review

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  • Developing a Vision

    Vision is the fundamental force that drives everything else in our lives. It gives us a focus for building upon the strengths and interests of our children. This three part article discusses the importance of building a vision for your child.

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  • Media Release: NSW Department of Education's Disability Strategy Falls Short of the Mark

    Media Release: NSW Department of Education's Disability Strategy Falls Short of the Mark

    NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has just released The Disability Strategy.

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  • Website use Terms and Conditions


    Welcome to our website. This website with URL address www. family-advocacy. com is owned and operated by The Institute for Family Advocacy and Leadership Development Association Incorporated (ABN 82855711421).

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  • Privacy Policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy. In doing so, we commit ourselves to the Privacy Amendment (private Sector) Bill 2000, which came into effect in December 2001 and the National Privacy Principles issued by the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

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  • Resources

    Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.

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  • The Potential Role Of Advocacy In "Imagining Better"

    Advocates are frequently people who have become persuaded that the world can be "better" than it is, and it is incumbent upon them to struggle for what might bring this improved world into closer proximity.

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  • The Homes West Experience - Steps to Independent Living for Adults with a Disability

    Homes West is a small community based service established in Brisbane, Queensland as a result of families having a dream of a better future for their child with disability.

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  • Social Role Valorisation: A Proposed New Term for the Principle of Normalisation

    This paper by Wolf Wolfensberger - is the Director of the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry at Syracuse University and the founder of citizen advocacy - proposes the term "social role valorisation" as a replacement for the principle of "normalisation".

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