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  • Disability is not a dirty word

    Sarah Barton writes that disability is not a word to be ashamed of. Disability should be embraced not taken as a sign of mourning for things lost or for plans and aspirations that will never be achieved.

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  • One Long Planning Meeting

    Debby Conlon considers the how much planning has impacted her family's life. While planning and goal setting was always a part of their family life now it has become more formalised as her son Michael grows up and goes to school.

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    Presented by Margaret and Jeremy Ward, this workshop explores how to create partnerships between families and services that really works.

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  • Inside the Edge: A Journey to Using Speech through Typing

    This documentary is written and narrated by Jamie Burke, a 15 year old high school student with autism. Whilst the focus of this documentary is on Jamie's personal experiences with the use of facilitated communication and developing speech he also talks about being in a mainstream high school.

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  • In and Out of Mental Retardation: Essays on Educability, Disability, and Human Policy

    Burton Blatt, an outspoken reformer in the disability field, shares essays on the horrors of institutionalisation and basic personal issues which will depend on the future success of normalisation and improved education for the disabled. This publication contains 15 essays.

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  • My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette

    In this award winning documentary Larry Bissonnette talks about his early life in an institution and assesses it as a form of "apartheid" better for "growing vegetables rather than people". He talks of his early ability to use art to communicate.

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  • 21st Century Eugenics

    Kathie Snow considers the book War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race by Edwin Black as an eye opening window into eugenics of the past and future.

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  • Quality of Life

    What does quality of life mean and who defines it? Kathie Snow notes that the only person qualified to comment on an individuals quality of life is the person living that life.

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  • Whose Life is it Anyway? How one teenager, her parents, and her teacher view the transition process for a young person with disabilities

    This book will assist three groups of individuals. First, professionals working with individuals who are transitioning from school, the secondary transition phase. Secondly, parents will find this book useful as a tool for providing support, clarification and insight into the range of emotions experienced during the secondary transition phase.

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  • Through the Same Door









    Part 2 

    Part 3

    This is an illustration of transition from high school to university. The documentary follows the path of Micah Fialka-Feldman who was in mainstream education from elementary school.

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